What are my choices in IB sciences?

A Student and Parent’s Selection Guide to IB Sciences

Every IB student has to take an IB science as part of their subject selection. As an IB biology teacher myself I am well aware that students and parents need guidance when selecting one of the compulsory IB science subjects.

Many students in our pre-IB year groups ask me ‘which IB science should I pick?’. My simple answer is almost always ‘pick the subject you are most interested in’. Science is entirely relevant at university level and all university courses will appreciate a good grade in any scientific subject at IB level.

But many students have more defined ambitions for their university years and beyond. Some students can also worry about the amount of mathematics involved in each subject.

So it is important to think carefully about this choice and consider the strengths of each subject and the options that they may open…or even close. So here’s my quick selection guide to the main science subjects on offer to IB students.

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